The Best Cities in the United States

United States Travel Tips – Best Cities

You don’t have to go to another country for a great vacation, your ideal holiday spot could be waiting for you in the same state you live in, or in a nearby state. Even if you have to united travel a thousand miles for an amazing vacation, you don’t even have to leave the country. The United States is a vast country that has everything available for every type of traveler.

Some of the best cities in the world are also just on your doorstep – you may even live in one and not know it! From the Deep South, to the Mid West, to the Rocky Mountains and to the New York Highlands, this country is waiting for you to discover.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is known as a “haunted” city as it is one of the oldest in America and tales of ghosts from Colonial and Civil War times abound. Georgia is one of the history capitals of the United States. If you’re going to Savannah, one of the best travel tips is to see some of the old mansions and plantations. A lot of them have been converted into museums or are located within beautiful parks that have public access. The historic district of the city is famous because it has the largest concentration of landmarks in the United States.

Accommodation in the historic center is a bit pricey, but well worth it if you want to stay in genuine antebellum surroundings and furnishings. A cheaper option is to take one of the hotels or motels in the other suburbs, or even to rough it out in a camping ground or a youth hostel.

There’s plenty to do in Savannah as well – there are spooky tours of the haunted buildings, street festivals, museums and even historic horse and carriage rides.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is one of the best cities in the United States because it is so famous for music. It is actually home to what is known as Music Row, the Grand Ol’ Opry. Nashville has an unforgettable night life, with bars, cafes and restaurants open till the early hours. There are live shows and if you have your camera handy you may even be able to glimpse some celebrities walking the streets and mingling with the crowds.

Nashville has a reconstruction of the Parthenon in Athens in one of its parks which was built 100 years ago. Many current day Country and Western and Jazz bands base themselves in Nashville. The city is also known as the Athens of the South, because it has so many universities, in fact twenty four of them.

Nashville also has over 700 churches, several seminaries, Christian music companies and many Christian publishers. For this reason it is also often called “The Buckle of the Bible Belt”. The world’s largest producer of bibles, Thomas Nelson, is also located in Nashville.

Savannah and Nashville are just two of the best cities in the United States and no travel tips guide would be complete without mentioning them.

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