Techniques to Burn Fat Rapidly

Fat burning is about burning calories. Physical activity or precisely exercise is the effective way to burn calories.

People believe just a long walk is enough to burn calories. But walking burns fewer calories. Intense exercises burn less fat and more carbohydrates. When there is scarcity of oxygen carbohydrates burn more easily than fat. To lose flab all it takes is raw calorie burning.

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People may argue that walking burns more fat than carbohydrates. Yes it is true. But running burns a large amount of calories in total. So it is more effective than walking in this account. If a man walking for 30 minutes roughly burns 150 calories with 60/40 carbohydrates/fat ratio, the same man when running would have burn around 400 calories at 75/25 carbohydrate/fat composition. You yourself can get a clear picture from this numeric example that running helps better to shed that extra pounds.

Fast Fat Burning Exercises
If you really wish to burn fat rapidly, you have to work at it. Fast fat burning does not come easy. Here about ten exercises are explained for you. These exercise are all intense and thereby they are more effective. Some exercises are tough though.

o Electrical Trainer: This is 40 minutes work out with a 5 minute warm up. Go forward for 2 minutes. Recover for a minute and go backward for another couple of minutes. Different muscles would be put into action this way. End this exercise with a 5 minute cool down.

o Rower: This equipment requires the assistance of an instructor. Get help from a professional and do this exercise correctly to ensure the amount of fat burning. This is a 40-minute workout. Start with 5 minute warm up of nice easy rowing. Two it fast and slower alternatively each speed for two minutes. Never forget to end with a final 5-minute cool down.

o Stair Climber: This is a simple work out. Set the equipment to ‘Random’ and do it for 40 minutes. Random setting makes your leg move instantaneously. It also prevents from getting bored. Posture is important for this exercise; If you do not stand up right while you are on a stair climber fat calories burnt would get reduced.

o Stationary Bike: This is a very effective way to burn calories. If you do stationary bike for about 40 minutes you would have burnt around 400 calories. Start this with a slow 5-minute warm up. Go hard for 3 minutes and easy for minutes alternatively. Do such 5 sets. Finally end with another 5 minute cool down.

o Treadmill: 40 minutes on treadmill, 500 calories would have been burnt. With zero incline warm up for 5 minutes. Then proceed in ten minutes. First ten minutes do it at 5 percent; next ten minutes do at ten percent then again next ten minutes at 5 percent. Finally cool down with 5 minutes at zero incline. Keep your strides longer. You will burn more calories.

o Running: Running is an easy and effective way to burn considerable calories. If you run on an up hill instead of a plain terrain, more calories will be burnt. Start with nice, slow, steady ten minute warm up. Run for about 200 meters up hill: come down then again run up. Repeat this for six times and in the end cool off.

It may be argued that even less intense exercises can burn calories. But to burn calories especially fat calories than carbohydrates intense exercises are required. Above listed routines may sound strenuous but they are very effective fat burning tricks. They burn body fat very quickly. To shed off those extra pounds from your waistline intense exercises that burn large amount of fat are essential.

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