How to Shop For Carpeting

Normally shopping for carpet to add to your home can be relatively uneventful, but adding a bit of knowledge to your search will ensure the time you spend on carpet shopping will be worth every second. Knowing the popular types of carpet styles is very important for a stress-free trip to your local carpet manufacturer or retail store.  Stofnodig Markt Amsterdam One of the most popular types of carpet on the market today is a twist type called Frieze that offers 75% twist, 15% fiber and 10% density. These factors play a major role in its popularity and success in the carpet industry.

Knowing the importance of the three features in frieze carpet that sets it apart from the rest of the pack is very important when purchasing new carpet for your home. A frieze has a twisted yarn which allows it to keep a permanent shape through a heated method. The reason frieze is popular with the majority of carpet shoppers is because of its density level. Density in a carpet’s measures of how hard or soft the carpet is, and with frieze the density is at a perfect percentage. Also, the density of carpet shows how compact the fibers are; that is, the less dense it is, the less compact it is – which creates a softer feel.

Finding the right carpet for your home is a very important step, but finding a retailer that offers the qualities for which you are specifically looking can be quite difficult. There are many major companies that deal with quality fabrics and fibers to help you purchase the exact one for which you are looking. One of the manufacturing companies and trendsetters in frieze-style carpet is Gulistan. Gulistan was an early innovative company that created unique styles by using creative yet selective colors and that required easy care. Although it is a smaller company, it has proven over the years that it can compete successfully with the world’s largest carpet manufacturers. Its highly nylon frieze style is still very popular.

Laura Ashley is a company known for its elegant English country look that remains popular today. Laura Ashley offers many products, including upholstery fabrics, paint and impressive carpets. Beaulieu industries is a company known for its cool frieze carpet, and it also licensed the Laura Ashley name and helped the company debut over two dozen products. These companies have maintained success in the carpet industry because they provide what is necessary to help every customer with a reliable and durable carpet.

The most important thing about shopping for carpet is to know exactly what you are looking for before you step into a retailer. Frieze is the popular and most recommended of the carpet styles, but there are more to choose from that may suit your particular home better. For instance, Berber is another great carpet style. It is also looped and has a high-pile style that adds a different flavor to your decor. Buying carpet can be a tedious process, but it is very important in bringing together your home from an aesthetic perspective. If you have any questions, feel free to call your local carpet installation company or even the manufacturers themselves. Finding books or specialty magazines can help you discover more information about choosing the right carpet for your home.

There is no need to rush into purchasing your carpet, as this decision is like painting your home or remodeling a room; that is, it takes time and research for you to make the best decision possible. But with the right knowledge and tools, you can make shopping for carpet a piece of cake.

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