Ste Anne Marine National Park in Seychelles

Ste Anne Marine National Park in Seychelles – Situated off the Mahe’s north-east coast and about five kilometers from Victoria – the capital city of Seychelles, Ste Anne Marine National Park is a protected marine park that is sprawling over an area of about five square kilometers. The first of its kind in the south western Indian Ocean, this zone was declared a national park in 1973 and consists of six islands such as Sainte Anne Island, Cerf , Ile , Round, Long, and Moyenne Island, each of them boasting of a diverse eco system. Almost 70% of the park is ocean, and a specialty of this marine zone is that it is home to more than 150 species of fish as well as incredible underwater life.

Discovered by Lazare Picault – the French explorer in 1747, Sainte Anne Island is the largest of all the islands within the park. Occupying an area of about 2.19 square kilometers,  Steigercentrum rolsteiger stabilisatoren  Ste Anne Island has an idyllic environment with a peak that rises up to 800 feet at its backdrop. No matter you want to enjoy the natural trails of the place or to paddle a kayak, or hire a bike to explore the beauty of the island, or just stroll along the beaches of the island while getting soothed by its gentle breeze, the island has options for all. Perhaps the prime highlight of the area is Sainte Anne Island Resort that is set on 200 hectares of Private Island. Some of the prominent beaches in the area are Grande Anse that is situated along the resort area, Anse Manon that is accessible by a nature walk via the tropical forest, and Royal Beach and Turtle Beach, where one can see sea turtles laying eggs from November to February.

The second largest island in Ste Anne Marine National Park is Cerf Island, which is also credited to be the marine zone’s only island with a Seychellois population of about 100 people. This island is especially noted for its diving spots that have some of the rare species of crabs, octopus, giant turtles, sea urchins, starfish, and clown fish. Located to the south of the Cerf Island is Ile Cachée, which as the name suggests is linked to several stories of veiled treasure from the Golden Age of Piracy. Long Island is the third largest island in this park, and stands out for its stupendous surroundings bestowed with mind blowing sights.

When it comes to Round Island, it is the smallest of all islands in the park, with a small eco-resort featuring Creole style villas, a restaurant, and a spa. In the case of Moyenne Island, it is an interesting place that has been developed into a natural sanctuary Brendon Grimshaw – a British National. As such, this island has more than two thirds of the country’s endemic plants, with more than 15,000 trees consisting of trees and shrubs. Apart from these, it hosts more than 2,000 wild birds and over 100 giant tortoises.

Managed by the Seychelles Centre for Marine Research and Technology – Marine Parks Authority in Victoria, the Ste Anne Marine National Park is steeped in history and is also noted for its amazing coral reefs and extensive, beautiful sea grass meadows that is one of the largest in the Seychelles.

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