Dolphin/4D 2021

The most progressive independent TCD framework on the lookout, with forefront innovation to meet every clinical need.  viasonix


Transcranial Doppler Clinical Applications

Meet the most progressive TCD framework on the lookout

Dolphin Selected Features



Work process

Cerebral Monitoring

HITS Detection

Vasospasm, PFO

SCD, Autoregulation


Easy to use



Sonara Upgrade

Top notch Doppler

Completely advanced Doppler handling

High goal shading M Mode

Visual and sound Replay at any profundity!

16 MHZ Probe for Dolphin TCD

Handheld 2 MHz Probe for TCD

Handheld 1.6 MHz Probe for Transcranial Doppler Machines

Green 2 MHz Monitoring Probe for Dolphin Devices

8 MHz Probe for Dolphin Products

4 MHz Probe for Dolphin TCD Systems

16 MHZ Probe for Dolphin TCD

Handheld 2 MHz Probe for TCD



Wide Probes Selection

1.6 Mhz, 2 MHz, 4 MHz, 8 MHz and 16 MHz tests

Bialteral Monitoring

Intraoperative Sterile Probes

Dolphin Clinical Applications

All with committed conventions and reports!

Routine Cerebral Examinations

Vasomotor Reactivity Autoregulation

Breath Holding Test

Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO)

Security Capacity

Sickle Cell Disease

Claim to fame Tests

Stroke Management

Vasospasm and SAH

Arteriovenous Malformation

Assessment of ICP changes

Intracranial Stenosis

Mind Death Diagnosis

Consistent Examinations

Long haul Monitoring

Emboli Detection


Intraoperative Measurements

Dolphin Product Line

Select the model that best addresses your issues!

Dolphin/4D Dolphin/MAX Dolphin/IQ

Dimensions 47x30x7 cm 47x30x7 cm 27x21x5.5 cm

Weight 6 kg 6 kg 2 kg

Computer Integrated Integrated External

Battery No Internal Rechargeable No

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