These 4 Little Words Equal Big Money – Certification, Coach, Life, Online

Here are four words that can mean a great career – certification, coach, life, online. Want to have a personally satisfying and financially rewarding career? Want to help the world while helping yourself? The think of these four words – certification, coach, life, online.

How Do these 4 Words – Certification, Coach, Life, Online – Make a Great Career?

Coaches don’t need to be certified, but they should be. There are no standard requirements to be a coach in the United States. You can wake up one day and say, “I want to become a coach and help people achieve their goals and dreams!” You can rent office space, put a sign on the door calling yourself a coach, and you can become part of the coaching industry. Certified, life, coach, online – not a necessity, but in reality, you should be certified!

But, will you get any business or respect without taking the right programs and getting something to hang on the wall? Will you make any money? Maybe, may be not. Having a certification hanging on your wall tells your potential clients that you have made an effort to become the best coach you can be. It tells the world that you are treating your chosen career with professionalism.

The International Coach Federation, the largest accreditation organization in coaching, estimates that coaching generates about $2 billion in revenue each year. That’s a mighty big pie from which to claim a small piece. IBIS World estimates that there has been a 7.8% growth in the industry in the past five years. They also state: “… to 2019… high-income households will serve as the primary vehicle of growth for the industry.” Guess what high-income earners have more of? That’s right – money! And they are just waiting to spend it on a successful coaching expert.

Perhaps the most important of these four words to you – certification, coach, life, online – is coach. None of the other words matter if you don’t make the decision to start coaching!

What is life? Does it mean life coaching? Well – yes and no. Every coach is in part, a life coach. Executive, health, money, career – any type of coach you name works with an individual’s life. You don’t specifically need to be a life coach because all coaching is helping people reach their goals and dreams and about improving their lives. We all have one life to lead – no second chances – and more and more people are beginning to recognize the value of a coach when making that life the best it can be. For the client, “life” is the most important of these four words – certification, coach, life, online.

Welcome to the 21st century where almost every business has a website and many businesses only exist online. More and more coaches are beginning to see the Internet as a place to market, get branded, and conduct business. One-one-one, in person coaching is still the core of coaching, but helping people through e-mail coaching, video presentations, and webinars is becoming a more viable and profitable option for many in the coaching industry. If you aren’t online, you haven’t joined the 21st century, and you coaching business many not make it to the next decade!

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