Online Dating For Guys – 7 Ways to Get a Date

Writing a killer online profile – the kind that gets girls messaging you – is not something that comes naturally to most guys. It took me a while to figure it out – and I’m a professional writer.

Here are some pieces of wisdom I’ve picked up in five years of online dating:

Exaggerate for Humor

A simple way to make your profile stand out is to exaggerate your good qualities. If you are handsome, refer to yourself as an ADONIS. If you like sushi, say that you only eat Toro imported from Japan.

Unleash your inner cocky bastard. Many girls love it and find it HILARIOUS. Trust me.

Don’t Answer Every Prompt Literally

Dating isn’t a bureaucratic chore. Nobody will fault you for not following instructions. The less you follow instructions, in fact, the bolder you appear.

Veer off into a story when the prompt doesn’t ask for it, and you will pique girls’ curiosity.

Fill In Every Box

One complaint girls have told me is that some guys don’t fill out all the boxes. It makes them seem lazy or secretive – neither of which is attractive to women. Take the time to fill out all the boxes.

On the other hand, don’t look like you spent 5 hours making the perfect profile. That would just seem try-hard.

Use Power Words

Certain words convey strength, charm, and charisma. Other words turn women off immediately. Women are sensitive to the word choices you use to describe yourself.

One wrong word can sink an entire profile.

My wing girl told me of one word, “If a guys says that, I’m not interested. Period.” Check out the link below to see it.

Don’t Spend a Ton of Time Online

When talking to women, the way you feel about yourself is just as important, if not more

important, than the words and phrases you use to seduce them.

Online is different – but its still important to feel like you are the prize.

It’s pretty hard to do that if you’re spending 3 hours a day looking at hot women. Pretty soon, you start to feel like there are tons of girls out there, and none of them are with you.

You’re better off doing what hot girls do. You know what they do? Since they have inboxes flooded with messages every single day, they only log in once every couple of days to see what’s there. If they’re really hot, they may never read your message. (That’s cause they’re tired of guys sending lame messages like “Hey cutie, what’s up.” That won’t be you.)

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