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Do you know that? At the latest when the Christmas and New Year’s decorations for the coming season move to the attic, we feel the irrepressible desire for change. After all, the first 12 exciting months are ahead of us in a new decade that is waiting to be filled with life. How about, for example, a new wall color in your apartment! Recently, various color institutes around Pantone and AkzoNobel – the company behind brands such as Newcastle painting and Sikkens – announced their trend colors for 2020. And there we see: Color is back on trend.

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When color institutes like Pantone and Newcastle painting proclaim their colors of the year, it’s like a wake-up call for the design industry. Because color is not just a personal preference, it also radiates the attitude towards life of an entire society. Currently, social media, artificial intelligence, automation and, last but not least, digital change are ensuring that we are increasingly alienated from the environment and from people – and are therefore all the more in search of our personal identity. Your own apartment can symbolize this. And it is not without reason that it serves as a personal retreat today.

With their 2020 color highlights, AkzoNobel and Pantone show how important the connection between people and nature is. While the trend researchers at Akzo Nobel opted for a tone with Tranquil Dawn ™ that is reminiscent of a hazy spring morning, one thinks of the Pantone color Classic Blue (identification number PANTONE 19-4052) involuntarily appears in a deep blue evening sky. Both colors are perfect for making your own home a real feel-good place. By the way, you can take advantage of another living trend: even indoor plants are more popular than ever and complement the room design harmoniously.

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After it was almost lively last year at Pantone with the annual color 2019 “Coral Living” (coral red), the color institute is now using Classic Blue, a shade of blue that could hardly be more classic. According to the experts, the reason for this is the beginning of a new decade in which we humans do not know what lies ahead. Classic Blue is supposed to help us ground all the more. Leatrice Eisemann, Director of Pantone explains: “Classic Blue anchors us securely in the here and now. It is characterized by reliability and constancy, and exudes precisely this confidence. ”Rooms designed in Classic Blue would create a place of peace, harmony and security. If you want to be inspired by the new color, take a look at Instagram or Pinterest .

In contrast, this year’s choice of colors for the Newcastle painting and Sikkens brands is somewhat broader . Tranquil Dawn is a carefree tone that is reminiscent of the dawn of a spring day and has an infinitely calm aura. However, the tone does not stand alone. The color experts embed the color of the year 2020 in four color worlds, which they call Colour Futures 2020 “The Human Touch”. This includes tones like Spiced Honeyor Copper Orange, which we know from the past few years. If you want to read up on the topic: In a specially developed brochure, the color professionals show how the new 2020 color shade can be precisely combined – for pastel room worlds, charisma, downright peppy concepts or in combination with rich colors. Suggestions for furniture, materials and accessories included.

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Without a doubt: white is a neutral color that always works in interior design. However, it becomes more personal and expressive when we show our colors. 2020 is a good year to start with. With this in mind: go for the Newcastle painting !

For the perfect style in your apartment with the new trend colors, we would be happy to send you our sample decors .

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Have fun decorating and planning!
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