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As a Tiler Toowoomba, we have extensive experience in tiling. We are happy to assist you right from the planning phase. Discuss your plans with us and show us the area of application. We advise you on the selection and required quantity of tiles, inform you about the technical details of the tile work and calculate the working time. Even during the work we keep in constant contact with you and can react flexibly to your questions or change requests. With us you can rest assured that you will receive professionally executed tile work including final cleaning from your tiler in Toowoomba. Everything here looks neatly laid, sits firmly and lasts for decades. You will be completely satisfied.
What you can expect from the Toowoomba tiler
As a skilled craftsman, we have mastered all areas of tile work. Even unusual substrates, such as old wooden floorboards, receive proper pre-treatment from us. Become a designer of your environment with us and let yourself be inspired by our range of services:
Tile work of all kinds indoors and outdoors
• Bathroom renovation (complete)
• Interior design
• Balcony and terrace work
• Mosaics, mosaic laying
• Natural stone tiles, natural stone laying
• Plastering and screed work
Tiles have been in demand in interior design since ancient times until today. Their wealth of variants opens up countless possibilities for the private expansion of bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, balconies, terraces and a wide variety of commercial and public areas. Tiles can both perform functional tasks and serve as decor. They are available in several materials such as ceramic or natural stone. Their colors, surface structures and formats leave nothing to be desired. Tiles are characterized by their ease of care and durability.
On the one hand, tiles are a product that is easy to understand for laypeople. On the other hand, laying tiles definitely belongs in the hands of a professional tiler. Tiling is a demanding craft that has already overwhelmed many do-it-yourselfers.
Your tiler in Toowoomba – Tile design Handtke
Bathroom renovation Toowoomba
The former wet cell for personal hygiene is now increasingly becoming a wellness oasis. Even small, purpose-built bathrooms can be transformed into attractive care temples with skill. We measure your bathroom down to the last corner, listen to your wishes and clarify whether or in what form everything can be implemented. We know how comfort and functionality can be ideally combined. Our experience: a solution can practically always be found.
Even a complete renovation or conversion to a barrier-free bathroom does not embarrass us. You simply give us your order and we will take care of everything else. Our network of heating and plumbing installers, painters, electricians and other specialists supports us in all related work, including the warranty guarantee.
Interior design Toowoomba
Tile laying is also in demand for the expansion and renovation of interiors for living and working. Among the numerous decors and materials of the tiles there is a lot that doesn’t let you think about the bathroom or kitchen, but can be perfectly combined with home furniture or carpets. Whether only certain wall areas or the entire floor: tiles in a friendly color scheme create a cozy atmosphere. They give off the warmth of underfloor heating perfectly to the room air. For allergy sufferers, tiled interiors increase the quality of life. In this tile work, too, we cooperate with craft businesses from other specialist areas from our proven network.
Tile work on the balcony and terrace
Open-air areas such as balconies or terraces pose special challenges for tile work. Depending on the season and weather conditions, heat, frost, solar radiation, moisture and wetness affect the surfaces. Pollutants contained in the air are added. The different loads make the building materials porous or cracked. Anyone who only repairs superficially here is badly advised.
Lay natural stone tiles
When it comes to tiles, the first thought often goes to ceramic tiles, although natural stone tiles are widespread. The natural beauty of natural stone tiles is expressed in a wide range of colors in plain colors and in various patterns and different surface structures. Another advantage is their weather resistance, which is why they are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Nevertheless, there are differences that are relevant for laying, such as the material density and the respective suction behavior. As a skilled craft business, we know exactly how which natural stone tiles and on which sub-surface are to be laid correctly so that their beauty comes into its own and you can enjoy them for years to come.
Carry out plastering and screed work
Tiling work is not complete without correctly performed plastering and screed work. These are as important as the tile laying itself, so that no time-consuming and costly repairs are necessary later.

Are you looking for a competent consultant for laying tiles and natural stone in and around Tilers Wollongong?
Your satisfaction is important to us. From advice to planning and finally to the completion of your project, you benefit from our many years of experience! As a master tiler, we guarantee professional execution and offer you a comprehensive range of high-quality tiles, natural stones and ceramics. Contact us!
Our services for you at a glance
• Tile and natural stone trade
• New laying, renovations and modifications
• Laying wall and floor tiles
• Laying marble and granite
• Laying mosaic such as ceramic and glass mosaic
• Execution of commercial and public tile work
• Laying VIA cement and terrazzo tiles
• Planning and execution of tile work for barrier-free living
• Tile coverings for stairs, balconies and terraces
• Cleaning work on dirty tiles and natural stone coverings
• Execution of repair work in the field of laying tiles, slabs and mosaics
• Screed, cement screed, synthetic resin screed
• Grouting
• Drywall
• Masonry and plastering work

Are you looking for a tilers Wollongong ? For 15 years we have been realizing exclusive projects in Wollongong around tiles, slabs, mosaic and natural stone . We attach particular importance to quality and perfection. For us, the craft of fly-laying is an art. Every tile that we lay merges into a total work of art. Our team consists of 50 competent Tilers Wollongong and 50 permanent partners, which makes us one of the largest tiling companies in Wollongong.

Give your rooms that certain something with our high-quality tiles. We are your partner for the highest demands!

Just give us a call or come and see us in our showroom in Wollongong

For your business, too, we take on all the important tasks related to the skilled trades of the tiler. With our outstanding aesthetic sense, we cover the wall and floor surfaces in your company with exclusive ceramic tiles, slabs made of stone, artificial and natural stone and unique mosaics. Trust in 15 years of experience, a broad spectrum of technical knowledge and extensive technical skills. Whether for bathrooms, kitchens, foyers or living areas

Q: What does tiling work for you?
A: The costs of tiling work are individual and have to be calculated specifically for each project. The total price depends, among other things, on the scope of the work, the selected materials and the necessary working methods. We would be happy to advise you on the possible costs of tiling work in a free initial consultation.

Q: What do you do as a tiler?
A:As the exclusive tiler in Wollongong, we clad wall and floor surfaces in the bathroom, shower, stairwell, kitchen, entrance area, living area, terrace and other areas inside and outside of real estate for you. You have the choice between ceramic tiles, natural stone, mosaics and large slabs. Of course, we pay attention to all health, work and fire protection measures in our work, as well as to a safe construction site facility. Thanks to years of experience, we are very familiar with the handling of our tools and machines and always deliver perfect results. Our work tasks not only include laying, but also processing the selected fabrics, including a surface treatment, so that you get a perfect result.

Q: What tiler tools do you use?
A: As masters of our work, we know that excellent quality tile work can only be achieved with the right tools. That is why we only use high quality tools for our tile work. For example, an angle grinder with a diamond cutting disc and hand tools are used to lay and grout our tiles. The processing of ceramics requires tools that are job-specific. Some typical examples are:

• Circle cutter
• Carbide-tipped tile hammer
• Carbide-tipped tile chisel
• Tile cutter that scratches the surface with a carbide wheel,
• Parrot tongs for breaking holes
• Wet and dry cut-off saw with diamond cutting disc
• Tile trowel
• Washing set
• Grout board
Q: What knowledge do you have as a tiler?
A: Thanks to over 15 years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge with us. Anyone laying tiles must also consider the materials used and their area of application. Therefore, all of our employees have mastered the basics of building physics, such as thermal, sound and moisture protection. If you need chemically resistant coverings, we will be happy to inform you and install them professionally in your property. We are also very familiar with the attachment, laying and anchoring techniques for panels.

A point that should not be underestimated is the design skills and basics of color theory. Because each of our projects is a small work of art that has to be well thought out and designed.

Q: In which places do you, as a tiler in Wollongong, do high-quality tile work?
A: We stand for high quality tile work in Wollongong. Our office is located in beautiful Pankow, more precisely in Wollongong, where we would be happy to advise you on your individual project. Thanks to our large fleet of vehicles, it is possible for us to carry out tile work all over Wollongong. we will come to you and lay your dream tiles.
You come from outside and are looking for a tiler in Brandenburg? No problem. Call us, we will surely find a solution for you!

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