Tips For Choosing a High Chair Cover

High chair seat covers are a necessity for any parent who’s afraid their little one might pick up germs when they go out. You may not have a choice in the type of high chair a dining establishment provides you, but you sure can make sure your baby dines out in relative comfort and style with the right seat cover.

One of the first things you should consider is the sort of material the seat cover is made of. As a parent, you would want something that’s preferably easy to wipe clean. However, seat covers made from material like this tend to be non-porous. On a hot day, this may translate into an uncomfortable dining experience for a child when heat isn’t dispersed. This can result in a fidgety, fussing baby who can’t wait to get out of his chair. On colder days though, an impermeable seat cover can be subject to static buildup. This could prove to be an unpleasant shock for a child and catalyze an aversion to all seat covers.

Once you’ve found a high chair seat cover made from material that is both easy to clean comfortable for your child, the question of color comes into play next. High chair seat covers can be the perfect display item for the parent who wants to show off his or her good taste. Color-coding this item according to a baby’s gender is rather old-fashioned, so if you think you want the best of both feminine and masculine colors, then it’s a good idea to get a reversible seat cover. You would get twice the use out of the same item in this manner as well.

However, no one is going to stop you if  colorful chair covers you want a dark blue seat cover for a boy and a bright pink one for a girl. Just bear in mind that food stains show up more easily on light colored material. Likewise, it’s easy to forget the food stains that are already present on dark colored material by virtue of the fact that dark colors hide them so well! In fact, regular cleaning is a must for high chair covers if you want your baby’s skin to remain soft, healthy and clean. The ‘work-smart’ approach to housekeeping shouldn’t apply to childcare in this situation.

No matter what look or material it’s made from, a high chair cover should have fasteners so that it can be securely fastened to any high chair. Snaps and buttons should be positioned in such a way that curious little fingers can’t undo them. Before you buy one, you should also check to see if there are any rough or sharp edges on the cover that may scratch your baby.

Dining out with a small baby can be a stressful experience if the child is uncomfortable in his seat. Making sure he’s at ease and providing small diversions such as a coloring book or a quiet game can go a long way in guaranteeing an enjoyable meal.

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