Understanding Night Vision Riflescopes- TECK TALK

Understanding Night Vision Scopes- Tech Talk

How Night Vision Riflescopes Work

In today’s world almost everyone knows what riflescopes are used for, however, Night Vision Riflescopes have a kind of mystery about them. People have seen them used in movies and TV, but how many people actually have though about how they work.

As stated above the tubes gather whatever type of light that it can and transforms them into electrons which amplified and back through a chemical and electron process. This process is seen as a green hue through the eyepiece. Today there are 3 generations of Night Vision Devises, however, the first generation is the most currently used, and is still the most popular.


When you first turn on the devise you will hear a low whining sound; even though this is normal it can be a nuisance for people that need absolute quite. Another thing that is somewhat of a disadvantage isĀ  ichiteckĀ that the edges of the target may be blurry around the edges. This is called Geometric Distortion. Another thing is that after you turn the device off it will still have a green glow for a few minutes.


Although they were manufactured primarily for the military, the have become very popular with home and office security. They have also become very popular with hunters and fisherman, as well as people who are doing research on animal wildlife viewing at night. These are normal for a 1st generation Night Vision Device.

The 2nd generation is used more for people of law enforcement or more professional people. Because the 2nd generation uses more short parallel glass tubes, makes it much more expensive than a first generation. However, it does make the target much sharper and brighter.

A 3rd generation Night Vision Device can cost much more than the other two put together, because a chemical is added to produce a much clear image. The distance that you can see is measured by what you want to see. If you are wanting to just see if something is moving in the distance, without knowing what it really is, means that you can see farther away; however if you want to see what it is that is moving will limit your range. This is called a detection range.

For sportsmen there are all sorts of different riflescopes and other Night Vision Devices that can be purchased at your local sporting or hunting shop, however if you would like a much greater selection, you may want to do research on the internet, you will find a much wider range of brands to choose from.



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