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Pur (styled PŪR; articulated as “unadulterated”) is a division of Helen of Troy Limited that produces Pur Water items. Pur items incorporate water channel spigot mounts, pitchers, side taps, allocators, coolers, and filtration frameworks for Kenmore fridges of Sears Holdings Corporation.

The Pur brand was made and items concocted by Minneapolis-Based Recovery Engineering, Inc., which was offered to Procter and Gamble in 1999 for roughly US$213 million. Outside items under the Pur brand were offered to Katadyn USA and the Minneapolis fabricating plant for all Pur items was shut in 2004. P&G offered Pur to Helen of Troy in January 2012 for an undisclosed amount.[1]  su arıtma cihazı markaları

P&G kept up responsibility for items sold in different nations as a type of philanthropic guide under the Children’s Safe Drinking Water program. These presently don’t utilize the Pur brand name.[1]

Pur makes an all-encompassing scope of water filtration products.[2] [3]


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The channel just requirements water (for example from wells or waterways), to work. There are neither synthetics nor energy nor prepared work force required. The whole activity is appeared in four pictograms, so it tends to be worked with no earlier information, as a test with various populace bunches in India has appeared.


The center of the gadget is a layer channel unit. After it is set up at its objective, it is loaded up with around 100 liters of crude water from surface waters. After a holding up time of one to two minutes the sifted water moves through of the channel hose. During sifting crude water should be renewed consistently .


At about 1.15 meters of water pressure, the water is separated through the film with a pore size of 20 to 100 nm. The gadget eliminates microscopic organisms with a productivity of 99.999% (estimation Institut Fresenius, E. coli and Coliform) and infections to 99.9% (estimated Bonn University, coliphages). A framework dependent on ultrafiltration framework (dissimilar to Reverse assimilation based units) can’t sift through solutes like salts or fluids like mineral oils. They go through the layer. Water debased with such substances subsequently can not be cleaned.

A gadget with a normal inventory of 1200 liters of crude water can, as indicated by the Sphere principles (2011),[1] stockpile spotless, drinkable water for 400 individuals for each day.

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