Brief History of Ameer Khosrow (Parrot of India)

General Description

Ain Uddin assumed name Abul Hassan was brought into the world in 1253 at Kushan city in Mawarun Nehar. He is popular on the planet with the name of Ameer Khosrow. His dad Saif Uddin Mahmood was an ancestral head of Hazara and Hussain ethnic gatherings. Saif-uddin was an official in the multitude of Sultan Shamas Uddin Shamas. At the point when Changaiz Khan attacked on the realm of Shamas Uddin Shamas, Saif Uddin moved his family to Ghorband city of Kabul, Afghanistan. In the then, Shamas granted Saif-uddin with farming area in Patiali (India). Accordingly, Saif-uddin moved himself to Patiali (India) to take care of the said agribusiness land. He got hitched there with the little girl of Emad ul Mulk, who was a military official. God-like Allah favored Saif-uddin with three child. Ameer Khosrow was his more youthful child.

Early Life and Death

Ameer Khosrow was brought into the world in 1253 at Patiali, India. He got his initial training from Patiali, India. Khosrow was extremely keen from his adolescence. He likewise got skill in Arabic, Persian dialects and calligraphy. Khosrow was honored with melodiousness from youngster hood. His manner of speaking was sweet.

Khosrow’s dad kicked the bucket when he was eight years of age. After death of his dad, his granddad Emad ul Mulk took care of him. His granddad likewise died when he was 20 years of age. Presently, Khosrow was developed. He began work as writer in the workplace Ameer Kashlow Khan pseudonym Chhajow. Kashlow Khan nom de plume Chhajow was a head of Sultan Ghayas uddin Bulbun. Sadly, a few contrasts raised with Chhajow and Ameer Khosrow left his office. Khosrow further joined the workplace of Baghra Khan Son of Sultan Bulbun.

Proficient Life of Ameer Khosrow

Around then, Tifral (who was legislative head of Bangladesh and Lakhnow) defied Sultan Bulbun and submitted rebellion. Bulbun send Baghra Khan to counter the munity of Tifral. Baghra Khan battled against Tifral and thrashing him. Ameer Khosrow additionally went with Baghra Khan in this experience. Notwithstanding, Khosrow got back to Delhi soon. King Bulbun praise the triumph in Delhi where Sultan Mehmood, the senior child of Sultan Bulbun likewise beauty the event. Ruler Mehmood additionally met with Khosrow in the service and extended to him employment opportunity in his office at Multan. Khosrow concurred with offer of Sultan Mehmood. Ruler Mehmood took Khosrow and his dear companion Sajzi along to Multan. Ameer Khosrow served in the workplace of Sultan Mehmood for a very long time at Multan.

Grant of Appellative name “Ameer”

In 1284, Sultan Mehmood slaughtered in a battle with Sultan Muhammad Maghlon. Khosrow was additionally secured in the war yet delivered later. He moved to Delhi after delivery. In 1287, Khosrow began work in the workplace of Subedar Adwah Khan Jehan. Khosrow served for long term there. Before long, he got back to Delhi for care for of his mom. Ameer Khosrow joined the workplace of Sultan Keeqad as Malikul Shoara (head of Poets) at Delhi. King Keeqad kicked the bucket in 1290 and his more youthful child Shamas Uddin become the lord in his place. Ameer Jalil uddin Feroz Khelji was named as instructor of Shamas Uddin. Before long, Ameer Jalil uddin Feroz Khelji eliminated lord Shamas uddin and become ruler in his place. He granted Khosrow with label name “Ameer” in 1290.

Fall of Jalil Uddin Feroz Khelji

Elah Udding Khelji was the nephew and child in-law of Ameer Jalil uddin Feroz Khelji. He murdered Jalil uddin Feroz Khelji and turn into the ruler in his place. Elah Uddin was exceptionally prudent and stingy in remunerations. Subsequently, Khosrow was upset in his period. Be that as it may, Khelji granted Ameer Khosrow a total town consequently of a tribute/epode. It was the pinnacle season of Ameer Khosrow’s verse. Khosrow appended with the workplace of Khelji for a very long time. Qutob Uddin Khelji was the replacement of Jalil uddin Feroz Khelji. Qutob Uddin Khelji was likewise kind to Ameer Khosrow. At the point when Ameer Khosrow expressed “NOWSEHPER”, Qutob Uddin granted a ton of remuneration to him.

Time of Ghayas Uddin Tughlaq and demise of Khosrow

Ghayas Uddin Tughlaq become the lord after fall of Khelji family’s administration. He was a strict lord, thusly, Ameer Khosrow heartily invited him. Ghayas Uddin Tughlaq was obviously kind to Khosrow however indeed he disdain Nizam Uddin Awleya, who was the cherished hierarch of Khosrow. Khosrow left the workplace of ruler Tughlaq. Ameer Khosrow kicked the bucket on 28 September 1325 and covered close to the burial place of Nizam Uddin Awleya.

Love of Khosrow with Disciple Nizan Uddin

Ameer Khosrow began the philosophy of Nizam Uddin Awleya in 1272. Nizam Uddin Awleya additionally cherished Ameer Khosrow definitely. Ameer Khosrow indicated his affection with his darling devotee Nizan Uddin in his couplets.

Delicate and Temperate Personality

Ameer Khosrow was delicate and strict. He was respectful, merry, kind and witty in managing partners and subordinates. Zia Udding Barfi composes that Khosrow was strict, straightforward, straight-forward and polite. Khosrow used to invest his energy in discussing of Holy Quran and petitions. He additionally adores with his family. Khosrow left the work, office of the ruler and everything in adoration for his mom. He cared for his mom, family and guardians quite well. Khosrow composed distressed and terrible threnodies on the passing of his mom and sibling in 1298. He was unable to support after death of Nizam Uddin Awleya and his mom.

Prominence and Fame

Ameer Khosrow is one of those fortunate writers who acquired notoriety and acclaim during his life time. He finished his most books during his life time. He composed the introduction of his five Diwan (Books) himself. Khosrow likewise composed the lists of sources and histories of his books himself. He additionally organized the altering and grouping of his books himself. Maulana Rumi composes that Khosrow has composed 99 books. Following are a portion of his acclaimed verse books:-

a. Tuhfatul Safar

b. Wastul Hayat

c. Gharaye Kamal

d. Baqeya Naqeya

e. Neyahatul Kamal

f. Masnavi

g. Quranus Saadain

h. Maftah ul Fatooh

I. Eshqia Ya Ashqia

j. Naosehper

k. Tughlaq Nama

l. Matla ul Anwar

m. Shireen Khosrow

n. Laila Majnoon

o. Ayena-e-Sikandari

p. Hashmat Boshat

Following are a portion of his acclaimed composition books:-

a. Tareekh-e-Alaqai (Regional History) or Khazain ul Fatooh

b. Ijaz-e-Khosrow

c. Afzal ul Fawaid

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