Test Your Survival Skills by Backpacking

How fit are you? How many survival skills do you have? What do you really need to survive in reasonable comfort? These questions can be answered by going on a backpacking outing. Man’s natural instinct is to survive. The basics for survival are the same for everyone. However, minimum requirements are not necessarily comfortable. The real question is how much do you require to survive.

What is Your Fitness Level

You will find out, without a doubt, how fit you are when you go camping via a backpack. You will find out:

how far you can walk,
how much weight you can carry
how much stamina you have.
When you go on a backpacking adventure, Survival Skills  you will really find out how good or how bad of shape you actually are. Sometimes, the truth hurts more than your muscles. The experience will be worth the pain.
Key to Packing Light

When you go backpacking, you will also find out about your survival skills. The object of backpacking is to survive with as much or as little comfort as you can carry.

If you have good survival skills, you can be a lot more comfortable. That is if you know how to survive without having to carry everything. You will need to know how much water you can carry and how to set up a camp without your back becoming too heavy.

Being able to cook without having to carry a lot of unnecessary utensils will lighten your pack as well. In short, the less you must pack, the better off you are.

When will this be useful?

Remember Katrina? Learning how to survive for weeks without electricity, food, water and shelter put a lot of people in extreme discomfort. Those who knew how to fend for themselves made it through the ordeal better. While weight wasn’t a real problem, shortages of food, shelter and water was. Minimum camping skill came in handy.

Improve Your Comfort with Backpacking

Backpacking excursions will help you to find your comfort zone. The more you camp, the more you will learn how to make yourself comfortable with less. Since you must carry everything when backpacking, this will become essential. Therefore, you will find ways to be comfortable without a lot of equipment.

Practice survival skills with your family. Having your family go with you will teach them how to survive with comfort also. There won’t be as much complaining if you are forced to survive.

Backpacking will let you and your families know what shape everyone is in and how to make themselves comfortable with less. In backpacking, less is more. The less you require, the more skills you will have. The more skills you have, the more comfortable everyone will be.

People don’t think of surviving until a disaster strikes, go backpacking and be prepared. Don’t let a natural disaster catch you unprepared. Start backpacking now and save yourself later.

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