Helping You Make the Best Choice When Buying an Espresso Coffee Machine

There are hundreds of different choices when it comes to buying an espresso coffee machine, which can become confusing for the consumer trying to make the right choice. Some coffee machines are steam driven and others are piston driven as well as those that are pump driven. Each espresso machine is different and one also has to take into consideration there are also automatic and manual coffee machines.

Espresso coffee machines come in automatic, super automatic and semi automatic. In order to purchase the coffee machine that will suit all your needs, you will need to make the right choice. The difference between the above makers is as follows:

The piston driven espresso coffee maker was designed by an Italian around 1945. The Gaggia espresso ranges are exceptionally well known and popular. This design uses a lever which is pumped by the user and then hot water goes through the coffee grinds. When the water has reached the required temperature the user pulls the handle and produces a cup of espresso.

Today there are still lever based espresso coffee machines, which comprise of a manual piston as well as spring pistons, whereby the user pushes the water through the grinds directly. The pressure is around eight to ten bars.

The pump driven espresso coffee machine is similar to the piston driven machine the difference is that the pump is driven by a motor. The low end coffee makers usually come with water tanks.

The steam driven espresso machine makers build up pressure which in turn filters hot water through the coffee grinds to make a good cup of espresso. This particular design does not require any moving parts which keeps costs at a minimum. The very first coffee espresso machines were steam driven.

Now let’s take a look at the automatic espresso machines. These included valves, pumps, grinders and sensors which help the brewing system, and these are known as automatic. Semi automatic espresso machines deliver water via a pump and have a three way valve. And the automatic system is where a flow meter programs the water through a pump, and once full the pump automatically shuts down. The brew pressure is released via a solenoid valve.


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