This Year’s Big Push: Buy American

With millions of people out of work here in the U.S., and the Congress and Senate stymied over how to get the problem solved (while playing dodge ball with responsibility) there are some Americans standing up to champion the way to help get this country rolling again. This is this year’s big push.

When we came across this first story on the news, my husband and I were cheering this innovator. Anders Lewendal, an economist and builder from Bozeman, Montana, wanted to prove a point on buying American. He suggests that 220,000 jobs could be created in this country by having every builder buy just 5% of American made building supplies. Imagine how many more jobs would be created if builders bought more than this.

One house Lewendal is constructing Bikini for a client in Bozeman, is built with only American made products. Absolutely everything that is going into this house was purchased from a supplier in the U.S. When he had difficulty finding J-bolts, used to secure the foundation, Lewendal hired a machinist to make them (since then, he has found a U.S. supplier). The final cost of this building project is more, but the benefits to the country and local economy make up the difference.

In direct sales, the CEO of Paperly, Jay Rudman, suggested that to support direct sellers’ local economy this Christmas, they might try buying from each other. The benefits of this are that they know their own products, quality and policies. With many of the direct sales companies, you not only help their businesses when you get personally involved, but you could be helping yourself. A lot of the direct sell companies I’m familiar with have some wonderful product incentives for hostesses, which may also help with your own gift buying costs.

Also, when it comes to the holiday season, who isn’t reminded of the fresh scents of spiced pies, baked turkeys, hams, braided breads, homemade family specialties, and every other imaginable delicacy wafting through every home in America? Mmm! Yum!

That’s why the local food growers and farmers are encouraging you to consider supporting your local economy in this area. Freshness is really a plus factor here. Other benefits included are more variety, less travel time to market, less government involvement, fewer additives to keep food fresh, and less pollution from shipping.

There are so many other local business owners and artisans to think of when it comes to buying American and supporting your local economy: restaurant owners, artists, local antique stores, clothing shops and just about everything else you can think of. Why not help yourself and your local community by supporting each other. We may just be able to get back on the right track.

Brenda Jenkins is a fomer realtor, wife, mother and grandmother. She enjoys family, writing and home improvement projects and is currently working in network marketing.



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