Increasing Webmaster Productivity With Bad Word Filters

Articles that are written only for the purpose of writing and posting to article directories and distributors just don’t make any sense. Articles must display your expertise, should be of acceptable standard, easily understood and well appreciated by your readers; otherwise no one is going to read them. Only then will your articles be published in popular articles or be sought out by webmasters.

Webmasters who write articles and submit them justmyfitness to article distributors and directories are known as writers for productivity. This kind of webmaster is not concerned about the quantity of articles s/he is producing but the quality of the output or what s/he gets in return for his or her input. His main objective is to acquire one way links in order to boost link popularity and draw traffic to his site, alongside other benefits.

There are a number of strategies that webmasters can adopt when writing their articles not only to obtain maximum one way links and boost their link popularity but also to increase their productivity as well.

One way to increase webmaster productivity is through the use of bad word filters.

Webmasters, as well as administrators and moderators of any major blog, forum or any other community site may find that so much time is wasted on spelling out URIs to different useful links, whether these are to downloads, forms, guides or reviews. In big websites that have a wide base of members, especially those that no longer use the search option, you may find that considerable time is wasted on searching and writing URIs for readers to follow.

For instance, try to compare a complicated URI to say, dboot. Of course, figuring out which between the two is easier, simpler and quicker to use is a no-brainer. But then again, most readers do not have an idea what dboot is or where they can locate it. In this case, ‘bad word filters’ now already come into play.

Blogs, forums, wikis and other web platform engines usually have admin center, module or plugin feature that filters swear words as well as their ilk. To do this, simply make a new entry that would replaces a ‘keyword’ that is simply and easy to remember with fully formatted choice link. This way, you can have them replaced with the right link automatically.

This is a great way to increase webmaster productivity as well as boost SEO by speeding up the whole process of searching, submitting and formatting links and changing keywords into internal links to its respective pages, respectively.

The best part of it all is that there are some web scripts that maintain the original text and automatically reformat it, instead of permanently converting the text to the replacement. In this case, the text automatically changes with the URI, should there ever be a change in the latter. For example, if you want to make changes in your home page’s address, all you need to do is open entry for bad word filter and make the necessary changes. As a result, the ‘shortcut keywords that you have entered will be replaced as well.

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