About Amazon’s New tool for Webmasters – Context Links

Amazon.com is currently running a new program in Beta called Context Links. This looks like it is going to be an excellent tool to help webmasters increase revenue from their websites.

Context links are very similar to Google AdSense ads in that you place a snippet of code on your website, amazon reads the page, understands what it is about, and displays products that are relevant.

This is a significant development justmyfitness for several reasons. First off you, as a webmaster, no longer do you have to worry about amazon products going out of stock. It can be a lot of work going over your products and replacing all the code for the products no longer in stock at amazon.com. Context ads solve this problem. It will display only up to date products.

A second big benefit is that you can very specifically gain from the massive intelligence that amazon is gathering about its customers. Do you get email from amazon? Do you log into their site often? Ever notice how the main page changes based on your browsing and shopping habits? They have gathered information from you and from millions of other shoppers and this means they know what might be of interest to you. You can leverage this intelligence by using context ads. Now when you create a content page you can let amazon figure out what products would best be sold within that page.

A third benefit is that this will actually offer your web visitor a better shopping experience. Let me explain. You are a webmaster and that means you probably have some expertise in the subject area of your website. But do you know everything? Do you know about all the most popular products in your subject? Of course you don’t. There are too many things to know and too little time in the day. But Amazon knows. And they will display these things in context ads. You leverage their intelligence to your gain (and their gain).

Extraordinary Control over what is displayed

There is one significant thing about context links that make them very attractive and better. This is that you as the webmaster are given quite a lot of control. They give you all the usual Amazon type controls that you are probably already familiar with such as size, color, look and layout. But there is one extra level of control that will have a significant impact on how well context ads do on your site. That is the ability to mark, with some simple html, exactly which portions of your page you want to be analyzed or not analyzed for the content ad placement. This is a tremendous tool for you as a webmaster. It will allow you to finely tune what you want them to place on your page.

Context Ads are currently in Beta and I am not sure how wide they are offering it to their affiliates but if you have an affiliate account log in and check to see if you have access to it. I recommend you start using and testing it right away! If you have a website and are not an affiliate of Amazon.com I highly recommend you sign up! This looks like it could be a very successful tool that will significantly impact your click through rates.

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