College Girl Poker

A new game is sweeping across college campuses everywhere, and no it is not ultimate Frisbee. Recently a survey I performed on dozens of college campuses stated that Poker, more specifically, Texas Holdem, is the new game of choice. But here is the interesting part. The survey taken was taken only by college girls.

Not so long ago, poker was generally thought of a male pastime. The iconic images of cigar smoking, scotch drinking, loud mouth males huddled around the green felt table on poker night tend to come to mind when we think of poker. But it appears now that pow wows of giggling college girls, wearing baby T’s and getting buzzed on wine coolers, are holding all the cards. Well, maybe that’s the image that would pop into a guy’s mind, but actually these college girls are quite savvy to the game and mean business.

Female superstars of the World Series of Poker Tournament such as Annie Duke, Nani Dollison, and Jennifer Harman Traniello have inspired a generation female followers. Sunglass wearing, smack talking chics who know the game and dare you to call their bluff.

“My girlfriends and I get together several times a week for games,” says college student, Mindy Kleinberger of Boston University. “The best players on campus I know are women. We play hard and we play often. It’s the only way to sharpen our game. Occasionally we invite some of our guy friends for a game, but they usually don’t last long with us.”


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