What Would a Customer Service Professional Do?

It is the last step in Active Listening. When you confirm with your Customer everything you have heard or believe you have heard you are doing 5 things to make your job easier.

You are saving time.
You are saving money.
You are saving energy.
You are saving effort.
You are saving yourself. (And you are also saving what little hair you have left)

Bonus! The one really BIG thing you are saving is…YOUR CUSTOMER!

You are saving them time, money, Submarine Leadership energy and effort. And they are not going somewhere else because you did not take the time to confirm with them the details. They remain your Customer. Pretty cool, huh?

There is another experience your Customer would like to avoid and that is returning to your place of business because you didn’t get it right the first time. Customers leave businesses because the thing, reason, item, issue, task, job, thingamajig…. whatever…. was not handled the first time and was not handled properly. When that happens they feel confused and they feel like they were not taken care of.

If this is a revelation to you, please step back…push the keyboard away and immediately go straight back to Customer 101 and retake the course. And the number one reason that the thing, reason, item, issue, task, job, thingamajig was not handled properly the first time is because the Customer Service person…just a sec while I clear my throat…there…that’s better…


That extra 10 seconds of asking the Customer “Mr./Ms. Customer, I have here that you are registering for one night, departing tomorrow, and you would like a room with a view of the submarine races in the swimming pool. Did I get that right?” saves you from undoing then redoing over the wrong thing because you didn’t ask.

Please, notice that the words “Did I get that right” are the bookend to the confirmation statement and ties everything together. You may also use phrases like “Is that right?” “Is that correct?” “Is this what you ordered?” “Will this work for you?” “Did I get all of the details?” “Is everything correct on your order?”

“Did you say pink underwear?” no…wait…..don’t use that one…. different article.

If you put this into practice on a consistent basis you will find yourself at the top in Customer Service. You will never have to worry about whether or not you are taking care of the Customer’s primary concern. You will be.

Be Professional.

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