A Type 2 Diabetic In Menopause, What to Expect

A diabetic in menopause is a woman with two problems. Both are endocrine reactions, but one is a natural process of aging. Estrogen and progesterone, the two hormones whose actions bring on menopause, can be expected to disturb other hormone systems for a while, and the hormone called insulin is not exempt from that.

One problem is weight gain. We are often told that during and after menopause we might expect to gain a few pounds. That will naturally affect our diabetes control. We are also warned about sleep disturbance, and we know that poor sleep raises blood sugar levels.

Because of the changes in hormone levels our bodies are not as protected against yeast infections as they were before. That’s not good news for a diabetic, since we fight fungal and bacterial infections already as a side effect of hyperglycemia.

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