Can You Reverse Type Two Diabetes? The Answer Is a Resounding Yes!

Exciting work in the U.K at the University of Newcastle and at other universities answers the question can you cure diabetes with a resounding yes.

The research dealt with people who had ‘type 2 diabetes’ for up to 4 years. Persons who had genetically based diabetes such as Type 1 diabetes or diabetes resulting from disease of the pancreas were not included in the study. The author (Dr.Taylor) believes that the discoveries will also apply to diabetics who have had the disease for longer than four years and will cause a reversal of diabetes and a return to normal blood sugar levels. However, if you have had the disease for over ten years then there is a possibility that the blood sugar levels may not return to normal even though you will see real measurable improvement.

What did they discover?

Dr. Taylor and his colleagues noticed that people, with type two diabetes, who had gastric by-pass surgery, had an almost immediate reversal of their diabetes. This reversal seemed connected in some way to the weight loss that followed the surgery. After analyzing what was happening they realized that the reversal of diabetes occurred because these patients follow a very limited diet immediately after their operation. This diet reduced the amount of fat in both the liver and the pancreas of these patients. When the amount of fat in the pancreas fell below a given amount, the insulin producing cells in the pancreas switched back on, and the body began to producing its own insulin again. This eliminated the need for medicines and the diabetes was reversed. The amount of fat that must be removed from the pancreas is different for each person and depends on your genes. Some people may still be producing insulin with relatively high fat levels in the pancreas. They will have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of thirty or more where others (especially those of Asian descent and smaller bodied people in general) could have diabetes with a BMI of only twenty-three.


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