How to Create a Secure Internet Connection

When you’re out in public looking for WiFi service, an unsecured connection is what you need. However, in your home or business, it’s imperative that you create a secure Internet connection to ensure that the activities you perform online are private.

Risks of Unsecured Network

A lack of security leaves you vulnerable many potential risks. If other people can gain access to your network, they may utilize your bandwidth or download allowances. If this occurs, you may incur additional usage fees as you attempt to use your own system for your purposes.

It’s also common for people to place a number of computers onto a home system, enabling the transfer and sharing of information back and forth between internal systems. Someone jumping onto your system would also have access to this data. Email messages, data stored on computers, and browsing history could be accessible to a hacker infiltrating your system.

Router Tips

Data transmits continually between your computer, devices, and router. To ensure that you have a secure Internet connection and that this data remains private, you must encrypt the router. You have several encryption options. Older and less secure encryption is called wireless encryption protocol (WEP). Choosing this option is better than nothing; however, there are better options. Instead of WEP, choose wireless protected access (WPA or WPA2) for more secure connectivity.

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