02 Choosing the Right Video Production Types for Your Business

Video Propduction Types – You Say I Say Tomardo:
Comparing Lemons with Oranges

The Right Tool for the Job

Branding Videos

Company Overview Videos

Event Video

Training & Educational Videos

Promotional Videos

Video Testimonials or Endorsements

Video Sales Letters (VSL’s)

What About Viral Videos?

Conclusions: What’s the Best Video Format for You ?

Video Production Types – You Say Tomaydo I Say Tomardo:
Comparing Lemons with Oranges.

Part of the purpose there is so much confusion out there regarding video styles comes all the way down to how movies are being labelled.
For instance see if you can solution this easy question.

“What’s the difference between a Corporate Video, a Promotional Video and a Web Video?”

The Answer?

Well it’s type of a trick question..
…due to the fact brief answer – they might all be the same or all be special.


You see the manner Video’s get labelled are due to different criteria.
So if a agency were to get a video accomplished – it’s traditionally known as a Corporate Video – As opposed to a video which become created to air on tv or a film.
But what if this business enterprise created a video to sell one in every of its merchandise?
Well that would be categorized as a promotional video – and in the event that they desired to especially use it on the net?
Yep you guessed it – it’s a web video. So the one video could absolutely be classified as a Corporate Promotional Web Video.

I understand pretty stupid stuff.

“But wait a 2nd” – I pay attention you ask,
“Don’t you’ve got the ones genuine categories in your web site with examples?”

– Ahh well noticed! Yes we do and here’s the honest fact why…

You see in terms of getting visitors via Google – these are the terms that people like yourself are trying to find the most and therefore these are the maximum profitable seek phrases to rank for on Google and so we name these pages after those terms so we can get our percentage of traffic too.

But in case you actually read in addition on the web page we speak about what type of movies we imply while we communicate about these phrases, that is because we lots select video class’s that describe the purpose of what the video does.
So while we talk about Corporate Videos we’re speakme approximately Branding or Company Overview films.
And when we speak about net videos – we speedy change the discussion to be approximately Promotional Videos.

So for the rest of this bankruptcy let’s neglect about the phrases Corporate Video and Web Video ‘kay?
Ok tremendous!- Now we will circulate on right?
…errrr no longer quite.

Now we want to speak approximately Genre’s or Styles of Videos -These are distinctive again.
This is when humans talk to how the video is prepare – the manner the video is crafted.
Another way to reflect onconsideration on it’s far the convention or format that the video uses to communicate its message.

Is it in a documentary fashion?
Does it inform a movie like a film? What sort of movie? (Narrative fashion – there are many narrative styles Scifi , Western, Cop, drama, horror, sit com and so on.)
Is it like a tune video clip or a News document or a automobile salesman commercial or as in case you are seeing directly the point of View of thru someone’s eyes (P.O.V)
Is it a aggregate of all of these?

Phew! Ok now that we’ve protected usual phrases as well as video patterns we are able to flow on to video makes use of.

The Right Tool for the Job.

It’s pretty smooth to training session what video is satisfactory for you by using simply asking the right questions.
Just ask “what am I seeking to achieve with this video?”
Are you trying to boost your company profile or get greater human beings considering your emblem?
Are you looking to get them to buy one among your services or products?
Are you seeking to get them to go to your internet site for extra statistics, or proportion on Social Media?
Are you looking to add value for your market location?
Are you offering short and easy education on a way to fine use a web site, services or products?
The list can cross on and on.

In Part 7 we’re going to study the satisfactory ways to get the maximum use out of your films, so we gained’t cover too much of this on this bankruptcy, but it ought to be said that it is critical that after you’ve requested yourself or your crew those questions, earlier than you create your videos, you then reflect onconsideration on where you must have your videos show that will help you achieve your goal – you could be hurting your logo and your sales by having your remarkable new video/s gambling inside the wrong area.

If you are studying this earlier than creating your subsequent video, please ensure which you read Part 7 How To Leverage Your Completed Videos & Avoid The Big Mistake That ninety% Of Companies Are Currently Making.

Ok – Let’s study the maximum common diverse sorts of films, what they’re normally used for and where first-class to use them.

Branding Videos.

Description / Purpose: Branding Videos have only a few if any call to actions, they have a tendency to invoke broader feelings and emotions – think Nike classified ads or the GoPro experience films, they tend to be incredibly charming or entertaining to look at.

The foremost motive of Branding movies is to come to be top of thoughts, so that whilst you are in an environment in which a buy behavior is known as for – your first desire is that brand product.
As the films construct familiarity they may be also designed to construct an emotional connection between the emblem and some thing that their goal marketplace deeply believes in and/or aspire to.
Branding Videos don’t sell the product a lot as ideals and or feelings that they want to companion with the product.

E.G. Luxury Car Commercials don’t sell the Car as much as they sell the thoughts of Success, Financial Freedom and Sex attraction.
Where are Branding Videos maximum normally used?
Prime Time Television Commercial Spots (think – Superbowl) Youtube, Social Media. Specific Micro websites which might be designed to utilize the site visitors and leverage the possibility to get a comply with up action or message throughout.

Company Overview Videos.

Description/ Purpose: Company Overview videos traditionally are the public face or message that company’s want to sell about themselves – in contrast to a branding video, unique messages are used and conveyed – they can be used to deliver the overall agency or even just a positive department, initiative or unmarried character. Variations of this form of video encompass Profile Videos of key participants of staff or who’re maximum in all likelihood to connect to their audience.
Another variant of this would be stop of year company overview or board room document videos – those might maximum possibly be used internally.

Where are Company Overview videos maximum normally used?
The great area to apply these forms of films are on the organization website or its affiliated web sites. The Home page specifically is a super manner to have interaction with your target audience and allow them to understand your key messages as an alternative of having your tourist examine it in your site. A strong call to motion at the quit telling the viewer what motion to take subsequent often works properly.

Event Video.

Description / Purpose: Event videos can be classified as those movies which can be created to reveal specially at activities and also the ones which can be recorded at stay occasions to capture what took place.

Pre-created (Played At Events): Those films played at activities are often used in change shows to help impart information and sell a particular services or products for human beings to observe at their entertainment, giving the Staff time to talk in in addition detail to those interested by the what they have to promote after being uncovered to messages within the films.

Another purpose could be to expose at some point of a keynote speech or presentation to increase engagement and get throughout complicated ideas speedy, effortlessly and entertainingly – these films also can be used as an intro before a speaker or live segment takes vicinity.

Recorded at Events: It’s a actual disgrace that a lot time, effort and value is going into stay occasions after which all of a sudden they’re over and so is the effect of that attempt.
By recording occasion films you can seize the electricity, the promotional messages and any key messages which you want a good way to deliver and use afterward. Ideal for summarising company meetings and retreats, as a merchandising for the subsequent occasion or broken into segments for ongoing content material.

Where are Event motion pictures most generally used?
Pre Created: Played at events, meetings, retreats, product launches.
Recorded at Events: These can be played at other occasions, used as component quit of year review films, boardroom reports, workforce capabilities or broken up into informational content and placed on websites and social media and YouTube.

Training & Educational Videos.

Description / Purpose: Video as a layout to teach and teach could be very effective, in fact studies display that video is lots more powerful as a medium for college students to retain records given to them, than analyzing or speaking to them.

Training Videos are a very effective tool for corporations to make sure that the first-class and message or your schooling remains regular. They are a completely time and value powerful way of having your great instructor in front of your workforce, as the training can take vicinity on every occasion and anyplace is needed and that they may be in more than one locations on the equal time.
Training Videos can also be used to help educate customers to correctly use or get the most out of their services and products; in truth it may cut prices in ongoing product assist and decrease refunds dramatically.

Educational Videos tend to be used for greater trendy instructional functions – aiming extra closer to academic establishments, on line info products, and useful content material.
Educational Content can be used to raise your manufacturers authority, as a way for humans to participate in distance learning or added into a mix of other coaching materials.

Another growing video layout is Product walkthroughs / unboxing.
Whiteboard videos as well as explainer lively videos are different kinds of this kind of video.

Where are they most normally used:
Internally as education motion pictures/ fitness and protection / standards and so on.
On Youtube as academic films to assist human beings and offer fee to your marketplace region, even as developing excellent will and building brand authority.
Pre-education to get all and sundry up to the mark before sensible live schooling commences.
As the main way to teach through membership sites or statistics merchandise.
On business enterprise web sites as education to assist humans get the maximum out in their service or product (this could be remarkably effective to lessen the quantity of help tickets or dissatisfied customers.)
Given out as a Flash Drive or DVD with the services or products.
Open gaining knowledge of and distance studying for University and Schools.

Promotional Videos.

Description / Purpose: This is one of the largest video classes as this covers almost each video that is making an attempt to promote a product, service or motion.
These are frequently the least diffused of the videos and are coupled with robust calls to actions along with “get your reproduction these days” “click the Facebook button”, “Simply click on buy now for fast get admission to”.

Their purpose is apparent; provide a clean argument / offer of the value the viewer will get in change for the call to action.
They can paintings nicely as part of a series of films including different promotional movies.

Some sorts of the promotional video consist of:
Product and Service Videos
Conversion movies / squeeze page films
PR Videos
Competition Promotion Videos
Fund Raising Videos.
Promotion of Upcoming Live Event Videos
Animation / Whiteboard animation and typography movies.

Where are Promotional Video most usually used?
Everywhere! YouTube, video sharing sites, tv, ads before the cinema, on humans’s websites, in businesses ready rooms and display rooms and keep windows – even on the shelves inside the top notch market!

Hot Tip!

Yes Promotional Videos are everywhere!
But that doesn’t mean that’s wherein you need to be placing your promotional Videos.
Recall the proper tool for the proper activity?
Ask yourself;
Do your ability clients need to watch a promotional video of your products or services when they’re on Facebook or youtube?
Or might they be much more likely to want to look a promotional video of your carrier after they have actively sought it out say thru google or in your website?

Viewers on YouTube use it particularly for 2 reasons
1) Entertainment
2) Education

So except your promotional video is both of those then you will be losing some time and diluting your message. A desirable rule of thumb is try to provide price in every piece of advertising and promotion you engage your market with. That manner, whilst you do ask for something, they will be much more likely to agree and whilst you provide them some thing to purchase it’s less a case of selling them some thing and greater of a recommendation of what’s in their pleasant interest (because it ought to be).

Video Testimonials or Endorsements.

Description / Purpose: Just as it says on the tin.
Video testimonials are brief testimonials, generally shot with low production values offering a preceding patron or Authority determine/ celebrity supplying a testimonial or endorsement as to why the product/carrier/person gets their recommendation.

Where are they Endorsement films typically used?
Very effective while located on sales pages, squeeze pages or home pages with other endorsements to increase conversions – not so powerful sitting on YouTube by way of themselves.
They can also be used as a part of a Promotional video, Event video or Video Sales Letter.

Video Sales Letters (VSL’s).

Description / Purpose: Our ultimate sort of video described right here has been growing in recognition over latest years.
This type of video commonly simply includes a white historical past with black text, a few phrases to three sentences at a time reinforcing precisely what the narrator is pronouncing.
It’s primarily based at the phenomenon that verbal exchange is a lot greater powerful if the viewer reads the phrases on the equal time as hears them.

Video Sales Letters (VSL’s) are simply based totally on a components that has been constituted of a good deal checking out and tweaking – designed for the express reason of promoting a services or products – and that they paintings – contemporary exams show that they almost always convert higher than income letters with out motion pictures, sales letters with promotional films and simply promotional movies – relying at the product, a protracted shape income letter with a VSL will get even better conversions than a VSL with confined assisting text on the web page.
Variations on the style encompass; adding pix, video testimonials and changing the typography and photograph design fashion of the video itself.
VSL’s a pretty less expensive to make – take little production cost or ability however the copywriting and Voice over narration are pretty vital to the success of the video to transform to sales.

Where are VSL’s most commonly used ?
Almost entirely used for income pages simplest. Occasionally found on YouTube (one might marvel how a lot worse they might fare on a YouTube environment.)

What About Viral Videos?

You may be thinking in which’s the viral video class?
Well here’s a word of caution: if a Video Production Company guarantees to create a “viral Video” for you – BE VERY SUSPICIOUS!! – it’s like promising to document quite a number 1 track unmarried – especially if the manufacturers don’t have any track file of making them in the beyond.

If you want your net video to “cross viral” there are attempted and true strategies which can maximise each the chances of evoking the response to get your video shared by way of many different humans, and make it as easy as viable for human beings on social media to percentage your video – however the truth is even as those strategies assure the fine publicity in your logo or product, primarily based on price – they’ll in no way guarantee a viral hit.

Conclusions: What’s are the Best Video Production Types for You ?

That’s a wrap for this bankruptcy as you can see there are numerous distinct classes of video and all of them have very unique functions.
The trick is to pick the right video for the end result you want, and yes “the artwork” lies in using the right aggregate of patterns and genres to make you video engaging and noteworthy – but a ways more important is to create a video this is powerful.

For example: if the reason of the video is get as many users to enter their e mail deal with and watch the next video in the series it doesn’t rely whether it was memorable, because it subjects how many e-mail addresses and visitors have been taken in addition down the sales funnel.

Hot Tip!

Try to stick to one unmarried goal in step with video – that way your possibilities of fulfillment will continue to be high – Imagine I throw a basket of tennis balls and yell trap! How many do you believe you studied you could trap with simply your two arms? 1 , 2, three? Or perhaps you drop all of them seeking to capture too many without delay.
But if I throw a basketball at you and say catch- there’s a pretty sturdy risk that you’ll catch it ninety five% of the time. This is what occurs with overly complicated movies and not using a single clear message or call to movement.

Don’t Miss Part 3!

In our next lesson we’ll study how much a video Production can cost – we’ll be open and sincere and placing our cards at the desk so you can see what prices goes into video productions of different sizes so you can stop from getting ripped off.

Take me to Part three!

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